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Scrap Services

Computer and IT scrap

We are the leading buyers of all kinds of Computer scrap and E-Wastes. We also buy non-functioning scrap like Desktop PC, Laptops, Motherboards, RAMs, Desktop Peripherals, Printers, LCD Monitors, TFT and all related scraps at best rates.

Building / Construction Scrap

We demolish Buildings, Bungalows, Film Studio Sets and similar structures. We buy a wide range of used building supplies and excavated raw materials. These include Iron Bars, Sliding Windows, Doors, panels, Floorings, Plywood, Lavatory Fittings etc.

Iron and Steel Scrap

All kinds of Iron scrap such as taken out from furnitures, lawn mowers, appliances, iron railings etc.

Plastic scrap

We accept all scrap of plastic chairs, carats, covers, pellets, bottles, bins etc.

Electronic scrap

All e-waste right from consumer goods to controlling boards are considered.

Battery scrap

We buy all kinds of batteries such Car and truck batteries, UPS batteries, Lead acid batteries etc.

Office furniture and wooden scrap

All unused office furniture, tables, top, running counters, cabinets etc. are accepted and reused accordingly in different places and interiors.

Electrical scrap

We take and consider all e-waste like electric wires, cables, light fittings, LED, tube-lights, switch boards, transformers, panels, etc.

Metal scrap (Copper, aluminum etc.)

All e-waste related to copper and aluminium are accepts and processed to be used in different applications.

Trust Me Recycle is a leading Scrap and e-waste company in India, serving to leading Business houses and startups. Trust Me Recycle is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our objective and mission is to bring environmental solutions that can help the Businesses and communities to become sustainable.

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